Holy Shit

Have you ever been stuck with an opinion, or even in a state of mind that you just couldn’t change, no matter how hard you tried? Then all of the sudden, you hear something, or see something that has the power to INSTANTLY snap you out of it. Sometimes it’s good, and you move out of something negative into a positive thought process. Often times, it’s not. One sentence from a person can change your entire perception of their character. All along you can think one thing about who they are, and in a moment they become someone else to you. Call it an “Ah ha!” moment, or an epiphany, whatever. A simple act/utterance/look can hold so much power, enough to break through the misconceptions you’ve had for so long and reveal the core of things. I’m a big “trust your gut” girl, and I can honestly say that it rarely fails me, but then I have one of these experiences, and I think to myself, “How could you be so blind?” I guess the important thing is being able to see NOW. So, here’s to clarity. May we all be blessed with it.

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